Tuesday, June 19, 2007

six-foot long closed legs don't get fed

"Make that money girl, don't let it make you." -The Players Club, 1998.

The top two professions that women make more money than men are: the adult entertainment industry and high fashion modeling. My women's studies professor informed students during lecture in February.

Arguably, I wouldn't put this revelation past her.

It's no secret that a woman's sexuality can sell just about anything, even TrimSpa baby! (R.I.P. Anna Nicole Smith; glad they found a destination for her corpse and her baby daddy).

And wasn't it rapper Kanye West, who said during an interview for Essence Magazine in 2006, good thing for multi-ethnic girls, or else who would we get to dance in our music videos?

It is widely debatable, but the porn industry falls somewhere between a $1 billion and $14 billion industry.

In an article by Pamela White for Boulder Weekly, called "A Matter of Taste," White interviewed Julian Rios a male porn star who makes $100,000 a year.
Rios said that predominantly the adult entertainment industry's audience is male, but the women sell the product and make the money.

Hoover's, a company that provides business information online reported that Jenna Jameson, a popular figure in the adult entertainment industry, made $30 million in sales in 2005 for her entertainment management company, Club Jenna.

Rios said that although men do most of the work in the industry, women make more money.

Rios also added that he's had chlamydia twice and gonorrhea once.

On that note, lets explore the modeling industry. The lives of stick figured women who indulge in grapes and laxatives while stumbling down the runway creating poor stereotypes of women.

These days top models aren't even healthy enough to strut their stuff to the end of the runway to strike a pose.

22-year-old Uruguayan model Luisel Ramos died in August of 2006, during Fashion Week in Montevideo after reportedly going several days without eating.

I'm wondering, at what point between Monday and the catwalk should the thought have occurred to her to have a sandwich? A chicken wing? A mint, perhaps?

In 2006, Ana Carolina Reston, a Brazilian model died at the age of 21 because of her struggle with the disease anorexia nervosa. Reston was 5-foot-8-inches tall and weighed 88 pounds when she died. She reportedly was on a diet of only apples and tomatoes.

The things we do for money…

According to Web sites http://www.fashionschools.com/ and http://www.modeladvice.com/, top glamour super models get paid $10,000 a gig and can make up to $150,000 in a year, or more.

Education not required.

Well this is encouraging, if this writing thing doesn't work out, at least now I know I have options.

It's a shame that in 2007 women, on an average, still only make 75 cents to every man's dollar, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The two clumps of fat that women stuff into their brassiere every morning is not enough to fill the wage gap. However, it is enough to fill out an application for Hooters.

On Feb. 12, 2007, Asmita Prasad posted a blog on http://www.womenlifestyle.com/ that reported the salaries of college-educated have increased - up by 34.4 percent since 1974 in comparison to 21.7 percent for male graduates - according to Catalyst, a New York-based research group.

In the age group of 20 to 30-somethings, women hold more college degrees than men.

Women also dominated the more lucrative professional courses making up more than half of the student population in medical and law courses.

So ladies, there is progress being made. And while a career in porn is probably a good way to get into shape to walk the runway, we have so much more to offer.

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