Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I’ve noticed VH1 has been bringing back some of their classic shows like Behind the Music and DIVAS. I was definitely excited to hear that DIVAS was coming back this year. Remember the old school DIVAS, Whitney, Aretha, Mariah, Celine, Diana, Shaka, etc? There was nothing like some top selling female artists, with the biggest hair ever, trying to out sing each other.

It would start with Mariah singing, “I’m every womaaaaan!”

Then in comes Whitney, “No girl, nah uh, I’M everrrrrry womaaaaan,” belting even louder holding that note longer than Mariah.

Then in comes Shaka, to reinforce what Whitney just did singing, “It’s all in meeeeee!”

And while she’s singing, Mariah hits that high note putting everyone to shame. Diana is just on stage putting her big ass hair in everyone’s face and Whitney is in the background doing the ‘praise the lord’ shimmy.

* sigh *

Those were the music days I remember.

I was disappointed when I heard what the line-up was going to be for DIVAS this year. Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Leona Lewis, Miley Cyrus, Jordin Sparks and more. Ok VH1, I’ll give you Jennifer and Kelly, but Miley Cyrus? * side eye * Miley Cyrus is not a DIVA, will never be a DIVA, probably wasn’t even around when the original DIVAS aired.

*throws hands up in the air*

It might be too soon for Whitney, Celine is preggo, but I’m wondering if Beyonce and Christina were already booked? I know our music is in the shitter right now, but if Miley Cyrus and Jordin Sparks are the new DIVAS, this could be the beginning to the end of American music.

If you want to check out DIVAS , its Sept. 17th, 9/8 central, on VH1.


lovelila said...

Haha, I loved your description of the DIVA show, awesome! But yeah, Miley Cyrus??? REALLY?!?!? Jordin Sparks, I'll let slide. I actually like her, she's got a good voice, but*confusion*

Citizen Ojo said...

They call every woman that sings these days a Diva. That should be reserved for the old school vets.
BTW - you have great tweets (that sounds sexist doesn't it) but they would be better if you followed mine.

Citizen Ojo said...

I already follow you on twitter......I'm @citizenojo

smoothallupinya said...

getting better young jedi! you should be a writer or critic, u pretty damn good

Hex said...

The only way that lineup of Divas would actually be worth watching is if they had to fight it out like Thunderdome.

MsFreshBananaPuddin said...

Or if Kanye popped up out of nowhere lol


Miley Cyrus' dad was a diva though-going on and on about his achy,breaky heart. :)

suga said...

I literally cackled out loud when I heard that line up. Miley Cyrus? Really? I'm suprised Lil Mama hasnt signed up.

So glad you pointed out Jennifer will be there, because I hadn't heard that. Her and Kelly Clarkson are cool, but all those other people? NEXT!!!

And I've had enough of Beyonce. I'm kinda glad she was too busy to show up as well lol

MsFreshBananaPuddin said...

I feel you girl, Beyonce is starting to sound like a broken record. Making songs for single women when she's married ??????

However, I would give her the DIVA title/status over Cyrus lol The sad part is that I couldn't honestly think of any DIVAS other than the three I sad :(

Hadassah said...

agree totally!

KONA said...

"CHAKA", not "Shaka"...come on now, of all those Divas, how can you misspell Chaka Khan's name when "I'm Every Woman" was originally first sung by her...? I'm just sayin'...;)

Wilfredo said...

Somebody need to look up if Billy Ray had sold his soul to Satan, because this Miley thing doesn't make any sense to me at all!

Wilfredo said...

Somebody need to look up if Billy Ray had sold his soul to Satan, because this Miley thing doesn't make any sense to me at all!
BTW, I kept checking to see when you would be back. Good post.

MsFreshBananaPuddin said...

Hey guys thanks for reading!

@Kona - I suck. That's what I get for not spell checking lol

WIL! Glad you stopped by :)

P.A. said...

Miley? Jordin? Are these even actual singers? I thought these were kids running the Disney circuit.