Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm In Las Vegas Bitch!

After becoming single (again) and unable to find work, I did what any normal person would do, I spent a week in Las Vegas. Originally I bought my last minute ticket because a friend of mine was having a bachelorette party and getting hitched in the same weekend. And who would want to miss out on that???

Since I have a friend who lives in Las Vegas, I ended up extending my stay, getting a tan, meeting a cutie and getting a call back for a job on my way home. So if anyone is ever having a hard time, I would just recommend some pain killers, a trip to Las Vegas and Happy Hour at the Blue Martini.

Life is crazy weird and it’s just shocking what a $4 martini in a new atmosphere will do for one’s mentality.

Oh and that’s not all either.

Something even more amazing happened to me at work yesterday. Are you ready for it? I was sitting at my desk when all of a sudden my phone vibrated to me this message, “I+think=I+figured+it+out”.

Could it be? Did my mom finally discover how to test message? A true beginner with her mistaking a plus sign for a space, but I guess we got to start somewhere. The woman still can’t figure out how to put her own phone on speaker. So the “its+mom” text that followed blew me away.

Fucking amazing!

Now when she asks me how I’m doing, I can fake enthusiam like I do with guys who I’m not really interested in, but still want the attention from, “Yeah! Dinner in a week sounds great!!!” * happy face * xo / *thumbs up *!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Was that not convincing?

And the best part is that when I send her a drunk text she will actually think we are communicating...

Me: “I’m a bar=threw=up, can’t panties find hair+++” * smiley face *.

Mom: “+++hope+you re Not=getting sick-have=fun+” *eyeless smiley face *


thehoustongirl said...

LOL you wild! Once I was outside in the car with a homeboy smoking and this woman [mom] had the NERVE to send a text saying "stop smoking!" like WTF LOL!!!!

anywho, I took a overnite trip to Austin for a concert and that was cool to get away from Houston for one night [yea i gotta blog about it lollll]

kaytah said...

HAHA! Bless your mum. My dad is the one that sends text messages I can't even try to comprehend. He usually leaves vowels out, abbreviates and chains words together. Ironically, with a thick african accent, its almost how he sounds in real life.

Douchegirl said...

Sounds like you've been having fun!

Moms+technology=not fun.

Anonymous said...


c.watson said...

OK That's it I need a week in Vegas. I need to get the fuck away from here for a bit.

But get a job there ... I need a place to crash as I am broke (surprising I know).

Crowscious said...

LOL funny as hell.. i wish i could just get away.. the troubles always return same time as a hangover. So u got a job?

Hex said...

A week in vegas sounds awesome. Too bad it's a heck of a longer trip from where I'm at.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

looking good folk be safe

Mista Jaycee said...

Congrats on new Gig, Good Lux with the new dude and by the way thanks for all those great photos of u and those other ladies. They saved me from being alone with my thoughts!

My thoughts can be so mean and condecending. The bastards! (smile)
Are you still reading my blog? I miss you.

suiteSTL said...

Oh how i miss the crazy stories about you being drunk, trips to Vegas and most of all your mommy.

The name has changed but I'm back!

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

LMAO you're tooooo much! LOVE THE HAIR BTW

Miss Mika said...

Gotta love Vegas! There is no place like it and it certainly has a way of turning my frown upside down.

Way to go mom on her text messaging conquest! I wish my mother didn't know how to text. The few times she does text, she will text me "I don't like texting"...

*confused look*

MsPuddin said...

the houston girl! - haha that's about to be my mom, random texts telling me what to do...

Kaytah - LOL cuz that's how my dad texts too, how he talks!

Douchegirl - Moms+technology=not fun <---- for real...

anon - I'm not quite sure either...

c.watson - Oh yeah def. when I get a spot everyone better come and visit!!

crowscious - temp job, but I can't complain. Problems will def. come back, but for now things are staying positive.

Hex - how long would the flight be? It's so worth it...I mean if you re into the nightlife type of deal :)

T - haha fasho

Mista Jaycee - What photos of what ladies?! I'm lost :(

suite b- hey chick, welcome back!!

bow chica wah wah - thanks!!

Miss Mika - LOL moms and technology is never a good thing.

CAG Incognito said...

HAHAHA!! You're funny. Found your blog on Coco's Lip Smacking blog and decided to check it out.

Yeah my mom fucking sucks at texting. I've tried and tried to teach her but she just doesn't get it. I finally got her into 'IM'ing so that's a start I guess.

Yes and Vegas is one of those towns where 'things' start to happen. I'm glad they were good for you. LOL Aaah how I miss that town.



WTG Mummy!!!!

MY mum was like that when she bought a mobile , didn't tell me and then phoned me nonchalontly, after taking hrs figuring out how to set it up.

Stew said...

you might just have the most amazing life that i have ever read about. the best part about it is that we do not even get to experience the whole thing as we read. you just give us the abridged version.

if you were a pirate i would want to be the parrot that sits on your shoulder and repeats funny little phrases

MsPuddin said...

uber- that's how I felt the first time she texted me.I was caught so off guard.

stew- LOL wow thanks.And you're right I do leave out the details of playboy mansion and eloping to mexico with my anon lover, which respectively didn't really happen...btw..oh nevermind.

Dope Fiend said...

Me: “I’m a bar=threw=up, can’t panties find hair+++” * smiley face *.

Mom: “+++hope+you re Not=getting sick-have=fun+” *eyeless smiley face *

AAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! wow that was funny!

Hadassah said...

Thats kool!

Sunshyne said...

I'm glad my mom doesnt text, she wont even turn the phone on unless she's making a call, what a weirdo!