Thursday, April 9, 2009

Your Publicity Stunt Is Gross

My ex used to make fun of me because I think that everything is gross.

Onions. Gross. Herpes. Gross. The sound of a banana when being chewed. Gross! Gross! Gross!

Not to mention, Kanye West’s ego, Tori Spelling’s boob job, Christian Louboutin’s new sneaker line, Amy Winehouse and waking up the next morning to find vomit in my hair that I didn’t know was there the night before, can all also be classified as gross.

However, I would rather watch a Billy Bob Thornton and George W. Bush rendition of two-girls-one-cup, while eating a Fear Factor delicacy on the toilet before exposing my eyes to this ever again…

Aubrey O'Day sucking on Kathy Griffin's tongue.Ew.


suiteSTL said...

yeah that pic makes me throw up on keyboard every time I see it. Kind of the same way you mentioning you had throw up in your hair did...lmao

Bananas? OK yeah you may have some issues

Qucifer said...

*gag* WTF WTF WTF for man!?? fuck Oh Fuck!

kaytahackman said...

that is fucking rank she looks like she is chewing on it. Both of them need to sit the fuck down.

Lindsay McHugh said...

I never really noticed that there was a sound specific to eating bananas. Now I'm intruiged.

Hex said...

Really the picture could have just had Kathy Griffin in it and I would have found it disturbing.

Cee.A.Don.Is said...


well that just put a damper on the day

MsPuddin said...

suitestl- LOL they make a mushy sound...

Q- don't choke and die, I felt the exact same way, but choking to death over a publicity stunt is not the way to go...

kaytahackman- amen.

Lindsay McHugh- It's mushy, gross and especially annoying when my little brother does it in my ear while I'm trying to watch TV...

Hex- haha.have you seen her 'new bikini bod'? sorry about that, it ruined my day a few days ago if its any consolation...

Wilfredo said...

The thing is, I could just imagine sucking Kathy's saliva when I look at that photo. I can't seem to stop wincing!!! Everything's going to taste like Kathy saliva now! Same thing would've happened with Amy Winehouse.

yeahisaiditworld said...

That shyds just nastay!

Stew said...

i know who kathy griffin is, but who is the other girl???

MsPuddin said...

the crazy girl from Danity Kane...making the band? diddy? playboy?

c.watson said...

Wait I thought vomit was a super cool hair conditioning thingy? I heard it makes it super shiny. I throw up in my hair at least once a week.


I don't know who those women are but that gross to the max!

(vixenchick) said...




Mista Jaycee said...

I award you the Noblesse Oblige award.

underOvr (aka The U) said...

Hi Ms. Banana Puddin,

Mista Jaycee (A Choice of Weapons) recommended your blog saying, "her spot is hilarious! She drinks too much, she's wild as hell and I laugh out loud every other day when she's sober enough to type."

That brought me here. Your humorous view of life will bring me back again for more.


TinaBaby said...

I chose to pretend Kathy Griffin doesn't exsit. Anything with Aubrey O' Day in it makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a spork.

Dope Fiend said...

i was eating!

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...


MsPuddin said...

Wilrfredo- yeah Amy is on my gross list too.I could only imagine what her breathe smells like...

Yeahisaidit-yes it is!!

Cw- and you might want to keep that to yourself...

Uber- I'm surprised more ppl don't know them.However, your not really missing much, obviously.

Vixenchick- pretty much...

Mista jaycee-hey thanks for the recomendation and the it real? Can I post it on my blog? Or am I just drunk and lost right now?

UnderOvr- thanks for stopping by, although you might be disapointed to find that I'm not as cool as my hype :(

Tinababy- I take it you didn't grab the new issue of playboy then?

Dopefiend- *warning* don't eat and read this bog...

Bow chica-ok, now I know I'm not just being dramatic...

Hadassah said...

That is the most disgusting Shyyyyt I have ever seen

Karie said...

HAAAAAAAAAHAHA. I love your blog. You crack me up.

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