Friday, July 4, 2008

Not Wanted

The job search isn’t going so well. =(

I finally dusted off my 2007 copy of Writer’s Market and as I turned to the page entitled, “Successful Freelancers”, to Larry Getlen’s smiling face I wanted to punch him in the face.

Except he was on paper so I couldn’t. However, when I flipped the page there were maybe two or three more other successful freelancers. And I kind of felt better. Like there is a chance in hell that I will be taken seriously as a writer someday and live out this “romantic career” as my mother calls it.

Speaking of my mom, we’re having a total email battle at the moment. Apparently we are both too busy to pick up the phone to simply yell at each other. Although it would probably sound something like this…

Mom: Blah! Blah! Blah!

Me: Omigod mom, you’re like so totally ruining my life!

I’m so mature, I know. I think I graduated from college and started high school all over again.

The 411 is that I’m the only girl out of four boys and therefore I am spoiled. $100 shoes used to constitute as a credit card emergency. When I was in school my parents were helping me financially and now that I have a degree they are cutting me off cold turkey. Sh*t, I haven’t even received that sucker in the mail yet, but no gas money, no booze money, no omigod-I wonder-if-they-have-those-in-my-size money, I gets nada.

Well I guess on the bright side, if I don’t find a decent job and my internet and phone get cut off I won’t have to listen to my mom b*tch anymore. According to her, it is really easy to find a job and I’m just not trying hard enough. It’s good motivation, but f*ck. If she gets any further up my ass I won’t even be able to fart, which is almost as important as finding a job.

*Oh and btw I have been diagnosed with Gerontophobia aka Fogiariasis aka Stank Heffaitis. So please keep all falsies, Depends and other things closely linked with death off this blog.

Thanks, MsP.

PS- Happy Fourth! Don't play with fireworks, you could die. =(


Cool Kidd Cann said...

if you put your mind to it, you can do it... so long as there isn't a new, fresh-out-of-school, up-and-comer that could possibly take your place, simply because they are younger and fresher than you... but you can do it P... write your little heart out no matter how long it takes you to be successful... but hopefully you can find a well-paying job in the meanwhile

Folk said...

Happy Fourth Puddin.

Write, write, write, and write. Never give up on your dreams and your hopes of life. Even if those dreams don't launch you to world stardom, it's the life you live in your soul that matters 10, 15, 20 years from now.

So keep writing. Destiny has a way of finding you.

Hex said...

The problem with Writer's Market is it offers you the thought that there are endless possibilities for writing money, while not really representing the struggle it takes to get a hold of some of it. Then the book sort of becomes this awful reminder of all the gigs you aren't getting.

Most cities I know have smaller entertainment newspapers -- they're usually free to customers, and while they have staff writers -- they're always looking for content. It might be worth your while to check into those, submit op-ed pieces about general topics or things that interest you. Several of them are federated with each other, so if your work impresses them it can be "picked up" over the wire for use in other places.

-Just a suggestion. Don't give up on it!

deutlich said...

Jeez - that sounds eerilie familiar to the situation I was in after graduation

It gets better! Promise!

Mister Underhill said...

Damn, don't let your internet get cut off! Can't you cut back on food?

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

There IS a chance that you can do it...You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you...If that is your passion and one of your CAN BE....Just Do It....and speak life into it not death by thinking negatively....You go girl....Get your write on! Peace & Blessings

oestrebunny said...


It took me ages to find a job and my dad hounded me about everyweek...but keep the faith. The law of averages says that someone will employ you eventually.


LadyShay said...

Have a beautiful Holiday Weekend. Make sure you give sparklers out to kids and point bottle rockets towards someone:)

12kyle said...

Hang in there MsP. It'll happen for you.

Mom needs to back off a lil bit. You know what you're doing.

Stew said...

you will be fine. just keep on grinding it out.

but wouldn't it be great if you could actually punch someone by punching their picture. that would be sweet, but not if you were on the receiving end of it.

Steph said...

You'll get something I'm sure. Just hang in there and keep doing the footwork.

That Saddity Chic said...

Awwe sorry to hear your not finding any work yet. It does take time though. Wish I had some contacts I could throw your way. I do have a friend in New York that owns a head hunting firm. I'll call him and see if he does it for the entire U.S. or just New York. Stay positive :)

blackberry said...

Now lift your chin, lil sis. you can write successfully, just look at your blog!

Eb the Celeb said...

your time will come and a job better than you could have ever imagined with unfold before your eyes... remember patience is a virtue... hope your having a rocking 4th weekend!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

perfect time to start a business folk

Suite B said...

Well Happy F*cking 4th of July to you to!!!

I don't think people understand how hard it is to find a job these days. I think you should just put up a paypal link on your blog and start charging folks for reading A Taste of Fresh Banana Puddin! And since I gave you this fine idea I would like a lifelong pass into reading the blog for free.

But really I don't have any doubt that you will become a well paid are already a great writer it's just time to start getting paid for your words because they do keep me entertained.

G-Sweet said...

yea the economy is ugly right now... i wish u the best in ur search!... when ur time comes it'll be more than worth it!

IntrospectiveGoddess said...

Going through this myself, finding a job is not easy by any means...especially in this economy but keep hope alive, I'm still trying to.....things will work out and if not you can always join the Peace Corps...something I'm looking into as a last resort

Qucifer said...

Oh lord! do what I do ... when I'm battling Ms/ Mami I just won't call communicate or none of that other shit, until she is good and ready to be civil, then again this heffa does NOT ever gives us no string attached money, and, you, know, I did get birthday condiments from her

Bella said...

Finding a job sucks!

That's why I ended up going BACK to school!



CapCity said...

"no omigod-I wonder-if-they-have-those-in-my-size money" LMShoesOff!! U B alright, Li'l Sistah Puddin'!!

Hey - they alwayz need teachers;-). I'm just sayin' ... & @ private schools most don't require certification - always great for a back up plan at least;-).

Pete said...

Woah, that is harsh getting cut off. I fear the day when my parents say the same. Keep writing though, don't give up. Look around for any little writing jobs you can do to get on the ladder and get some money coming in - copy writing, etc. And in the mean time keep writing and plugging away at what you want x

The Jaded NYer said...

it's hard to make money freelance writing, but it is possible. I took some crappy jobs to get me started, and a 9-5 backing me didn't hurt, either.

and moms will eventually chill out; my mom rolled her eyes at my pursuit of a writing degree, too, but she got over it.

karrie b. said...

oh dear dear dear. i wish my mom would help me but a majority of the time she is a hotter mess than i am so i dont even bother do ask :/


She W0rd Hustlez said...

I'm sorry the job searching isn't going well for you. I know how you feel with your mom breathing down your neck though. Although she's just being a parent. Hang in there girl.

Narm said...

I wish I could have gone back to high school after college. Chicks dig older guys.

Searching for jobs ranks right up there with punching myself in the face in terms of favorite activities. I'm sure something will come up before long.

ms.uncensored said...

they tell me it greats greater later. can i get a fucking fast forward button please??? sigh. such is life.
writing is ya thing. go for it babes. it shall be a a road difficult. but doing what u love is soo much more rewarding.
good luck hunny.

MsPuddin said...

Cool kidd- I know I need to hurry up before I’m not the young fresh graduate anymore lol thanks for the support man.

Folk- you too. Haha. I’m not trying to become a star, I’m trying to keep my internet on long enough to do what I love.

Hex- I know, I got halfway reading the, “how much money can you make freelancing section”, and was like this is a load of crap. I decided to skip the intro and go straight to the publications and other companies in the back. Thanks for the support. I know I can’t be too picky, but I don’t want a job where I’m sitting in my cubicle going, “this is what I went to school for”?

Deulich- I’ll take your word for it!

Mister underhill- actually, I’m working on a post about how much of a fat ass I am these days. Sorry, but mama’s hungry…

Keisha- thanks for the blessing mamas.

Bunny- haha, and I strive to be average…

Ladyshay- hey mamas!! you too.

12k- yeah, I feel bad for being such a brat, but I think she created a monster…

stew- yeah that would be awesome.

Steph- my feet hurt, but yeah thanks.

That saddity chic- hmmmm, I was thinking a move to NYC wouldn’t hurt in my line of work, but I think I’m also a big fat chicken! Good looking out though mamas.

Blackberry- hey there. Thanks!!

Eb- you too girl!!

Torrance- right. Actually a friend and I were discussing this, but I’m broke remember?

Suite b- finding a job, is a job. Yeah I got a few leads off these blog, but I want a check that I know is coming at the end of every month, ya know.

g- ugly is right. Thanks homie.

Introspectiveg- Well good luck to you as well and thanks for the support.

q- yeah, my mom is generous on holidays. Naw, her and I are still cool, but I think she is just trying to help. I love being a brat. Its fun, yay!

Bella- amen! Yeah I think I’m over school for a long time, this BS ought to hold me up for sometime, right?

Capcity- yeah someone else was telling me about this. But I think I watch too many movies and I don’t feel like having a dangerous minds moment.

Pete- yeah I found a little bit of work online, but I want that steady paycheck. Thanks for the words and support. Oh and your parents will cut you and you will cry and the world will end. =(

Jaded nyer- welcome! Yeah once I get that 9-5 I wont mind taking on even more side work. I might even be able to get back into fiction once the stress of finding a job disperses. Haha. Moms, got to love them…

Kb- yeah, I guess your situation is different than mine. However, you got a spark kb and your doing it all by your lonesome, that’s impressive. Put that on YOUR resume…

She word- thanks for the support, I think I will be okay, but we ll see. Lol

Narm- yeah when I was in high school I mad out with a college guy, I thought I was cool, but that might have made me more of a slut than anything.

Ms.c- thanks for the support, I’m guessing somewhere at the end of this long ass road it will be worth it. * sigh *

Hadassah said...

You will make a good writer!

dejanae said...

girl i feel u
im on that job hunt too

c.watson said...

I wouldn't worry too much, you already are a good writer. Anyways food and a place to live is for the weak. It's all about being homeless.

eclectik said...

You'll be gettin in before the end of the month

Herat me some you.


Sabina said...

Has your mom heard of this little thing called a recession?
Also, my parents never gave me any money that I HAVE a job, they're trying to give me some. At least your parents' plan makes some sort of sense.
PS- Capcity, wouldn't you love having Ms. P as a teacher? Mine were all so old and boring in comparison.

NYCPonderings Chick said...

those freelance book are a bunch of BULL...i could find you a job in NY...but it might involve high heels and pasties..

Muze said...

girl, i feel you. totally. when daddy cut me off i was like huh? a job?


it'll work out though. no sweat.

you have much talent.