Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Obama Overload

Ok my mom emailed me this earlier today.

Then my cousin just sent me a link to Ludacris' new endorsement of Obama.


I'm back on it like I just signed my record deal
yeah the best is here, the Bentley Coup paint is dripping wet, it got sex appeal
never should have hated
you never should've doubted him
with a slot in the president's iPod Obama shattered 'em
Said I handled his biz and I'm one of his favorite rappers
Well give Luda a special pardon if I'm ever in the slammer
Better yet put him in office, make me your vice president
Hillary hated on you, so that b^$&%* is irrelevant
Jesse talking slick and apologizing for what?
if you said it then you meant it how you want it have a gut!
and all you other politicians trying to hate on my man,
watch us win a majority vote in every state on my man
you can't stop what's bout to happen, we bout to make history
the first black president is destined and it's meant to be
the threats ain't fazing us, the nooses or the jokes
so get off your ass, black people, it's time to get out and vote!
paint the White House black and I'm sure that's got 'em terrified
McCain don't belong in ANY chair unless he's paralyzed
Yeah I said it cause Bush is mentally handicapped
Ball up all of his speeches and I throw em like candy wrap
cause what you talking I hear nothing even relevant
and you the worst of all 43 presidents
get out and vote or the end will be near
the world is ready for change because Obama is here!
cause Obama is here
The world is ready for change because Obama is here!

I'm not mad, just ready to see what is going to happen next, ya know?


Bella said...

Go Obama!


12kyle said...

peep Black President off Nas' new cd. It talks about Obama. It's sick

Obama '08, baby!

The Flyyest said...


Chris the Minimalist said...

yay obama!

Slaus Caldwell said...

... long as Obama doesnt bring Yellow negroes back in style, im aiight.

MsPuddin said...

LOL @ everyone. I can feel the love. *hugs*
n slaus, quit hatin' on the light people. we know where you sleep. (not really) but yeah, so there!

Jocular Schlemiel said...

Was that Nick Stahl from T3, Disturbing Behavior, Sin City? If so, he's fallen...well, not that far actually since he was never big to begin with.

Narm said...

I have Hope - but don't tell my girlfriend - I got it while she was on vacation.

Qucifer said...

BWahahha Awesomistic!!!!

that add ruled my world!

Preposterous Ponderings said...

Cool Beans!!!!

Mallika said...

Was that Rider Strong from Boy Meets World in the one?

At least he's doing something useful..

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

much to do about nothing - re Luda
hey sister hope all is well have a great weekend

Suite B said...

I'm not really mad at him for what he said I just think that people in his position need to be careful what they put out and how they support someone because in the end what seems like support could do more damage than good.

Sabina said...

I'm definitely going to "vote the shit out of this bitch."

c.watson said...

Those make me smile

James Tubman said...

obama mania iz in the air

lets hope he's the right man for the job

Stew said...

luda kinda dropped the ball on this one. all he had to do is drop the "hilary is a bitch" part and he would have been cool.

obama getting alot of heat for this

Hex said...


ms.uncensored said...

i'm sorry but. am i the only one that thinks that hip hop is playing a huge fucking part in tarnishing obama's credibility???

i'm just saying. :/

MsPuddin said...


Smitty said...

Damn Luda can rap about anything.

Douchegirl said...

Was that Shawn from Boy Meets World? Boy grew up nicely!

I loved the "Look at this fucking candidate" ad.