Friday, March 14, 2008

An Interview with A Mr. Slausin Ass Slaus

* Warning!! * Don’t read this @ work.

I got the chance to catch up with Slaus from over at Oh Hell Nawl this week and we got into one of our usual random ass conversations…

MsP: Slaus, how’s it goin'? Back problems? Old lady giving you trouble?

Slaus: Hey baby thanks for having me here on your blog n ish! I really appreciate the chance to get away from the shenanigans of my family and then the staff. It's like a damn party filled with meth-addicted monkeys, but without the high and the monkey's are throwing shyt on my walls and trying to sodomise me with damn jolly ranchers! Who does that?

MsP: Um, I couldn't tell ya. Soooo... the Web site you're a slave to, Oh Hell Nawl, is becoming really popular. When was the last time someone you know made you go "Oh Hell Nawl"?

Slaus: Slave is right doll! I kinda feel fortunate, because I see ignant shyt all day every day ya know. Just Monday I was at work and saw this lil hot blonde chick getting on the elevator. Since I could see the elevator was going down, I ran and jumped in also. You should have seen the look on her face! Not because a Big ol black dude jumped on the elevator with her, it's because she obviously thought she was gonna take the ride by herself.. cuz she pooted. I mean it had to be her, cuz there was no one else there but she and I. Must have been one of those lingering ass lingering kinda poots too I bet. All I know is: It smelled like Ha Ha Hell. Damn shame for a girl that fine to poot a cloud of what could be mistaken for Lean cuisines and lama dick. Nasty. She WAS fine though. But I'd have to question her diet. Smellin like that.

MsP: Damn, that will teach you to take the stairs. Have any of your staff ever got into it?

Slaus: The question isn't IF they have, the question is when DON'T we fight. I -mean- fiiiiight. There isn't a week that goes by, when someone doesn't say to me: " Fugg this, you can fire me then!" or " I know that bytch didn’t say what I think she said to me," and my favorite: " You need to get such n such before I cuss them the fugg out! I aint playing!" Most of the time the anger is based at me though, and it's completely deserved. I can be a hard person to work for. Shyt, just Wednesday I fought with my Marketing Manager for an hour over messenger, then fought with my Sales Manager that afternoon!

MsP: Once yall get it together and quit fighting, what are your plans for OHN?

Slaus: GET. PUBLISHED. I am SO sincere. The first goal is to get published by 2009, 2010 at the latest. But it’s going to be really difficult to do so with the way the strip is set up right now. It is a real problem and real talk? It keeps me up at nights sometime. Thank God for Sex n martini’s to bring me back to earth!

MsP: Do you have any blogging rituals? Ex: stretching, finger aerobics, lots of booze, etc.?

Slaus: I blog at my best usually when I find some quiet time, got some Jimi Hendrix or Lenny Kravitz playing, and a dirty martini with three olives. Im boojie. A good martini is the way to go... matter of fact? Where are the dranks? No dranks, and you haven’t flashed boobs once in this interview. This is some booolshyt.

MsP: My bad, vodka and cran or gin and tonic?

Slaus: Gin n Tonic.. or dirty Martini with three gourmet olives. Not those fake ass fake pimento ass Albertson shyts either. Gourmet dammit! Yeah, I’m unapologetically boojie.

MsP: How about, Grape juice or grape drink?

Slaus: Grape anything is nasty as hale!

MsP: Ok, what about orange juice or drank? Red drink???

Slaus: Ok red drank! Definitely. Does that mean I get to keep my Black Card? Cuz you know grape drink is like a Black staple. Every black house from the hood to the Hamptons has a packet of grape koolaid somewhere in the crib! But you know we gotta mix it with other shyt like a lil lemonade.. lil orange drink. Shit.. if there was a chemist degree for mixing koolaid? Black folks would have phd’s a plenty!

MsP: You always talking about some black folks sh*t. If you were stuck on Neverland Ranch with Michael Jackson, what would you do?

Slaus: Slap the dog shyt out of his dumb ass. Why the fugg a beautiful black man, wanna turn himself into an ugly ass white woman? Looking like skeletor n shyt. I expect us to see Michael Jackson in a purple cloak n shyt within a few years, tryna take over Castle Gray skull... watch.

MsP: I would never think of doing that, slapping MJ, that is. Was there ever a moment in time where someone said something really profound when you weren't expecting him or her to? Have you ever shocked yourself?

Slaus: I remember back in the day when I was the typical knucklehead, my Uncle Keith told me: Obstacles exist only when you take your eyes off of the goal. Girl, that shyt has defined my life ever since. That and the biggie Lyric: Damn right/ If Their heads right/ Biggie there ery night! That's real. Shyt I have shocked myself plenty of times when thinking of funny things to say. Lot's of it I don't think will ever see print. It's some shyt i'd hav to save for the stage or something.

MsP: Speaking of Biggie, did you like it better when we called Sean Combs, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy or Diddy?

Slaus: Ion't care if that negro wanna be called captain Kookoocachoo. GIVE US ANOTHER BIGGIE CALIBER ARTIST DAMMIT! And make Sean John clothing comfy in a 3XL bytch! Diddy ass diddy.

MsP: Of the stories you tell, I see you've done a lot of crazy things on your lifetime. What's the craziest thing you've ever done for sex? For money? Have you ever had sex for money?

Slaus: LOL Oh snap! Good question! I've never fugged for money. Other than Ron Jeremy, who the hell is paying a fat man for dick? That's just un-American, unsavory, and foolish. Back in the day though, I did have my boys let the air out of a chicks tires, so she had to stay over for the night. The ass was terrible. I was ready to take my ass outside at 4am with a fuggin bike pump and a set of full lungs, to put the air in that heffas tires so she could bone the fugg out.

MsP: How many times have you been arrested again?

Slaus: Uhm my momma aint gonna read this right? Momma, take yo ass on and do something productive! Ok. Like 4 times. Inciting a riot, lewd behavior, fighting, contempt of court.

MsP: Inciting a riot!? Lewd behavior!? Care to explain? (See what had happened was)…

Slaus: Yeah for real lol. What had happened was.. me and my boys were down in Mardi gras and we wanted to get beads like the chicks were. SO we figured we’d take our jibbys out, and let the women play ring toss. Cops arrested us for lewd behavior. I don’t know if it was the fact that 5 dudes had their jibby’s out, or the fact that this guy Corey had some redhead taking a picture of herself holding his bead adorned dack. Either way, we got arrested. We got those beads tho.

MsP: Have you ever felt breasts that felt like bags of sand?

Slaus: I’m a boob man. I think I’ve groped everything from a barely A to an E-cup. Shyt I remember this one love whose boobs were so big, her bra was prolly made by NASA. Size: Secret F n shyt. Kind of boobies where if you were chest sexin, you were not going to see your jibby poke out the other end... fo reaaaaal. Ego crushin but fun. But bags of sand? Nawl...

MsP: Ok so, Aretha Franklin titties or Oprah's? Would you hit it? Fanger it? Where’s Nupe when you need him???

Slaus: LOL What up Anonymous Nupe! Fanga Bang Productions baby! For real though? I’d be a gay ass gay, before I touch Aretha. Hell, I wouldn’t even know what was tiddy and what was belly or back fat rolled to the front. Hell to the no. And I would be afraid to grope Oprah, because I’m not even sure that sista is a human. I bet when no one is looking, she peels off her flesh and then she appears as just a being of light n shyt, like cocoon. Heffa just levitate about her mansion glowing to all be damned, sounding like that skull head astronaut villain in Scooby doo: Wooowooowoowoowowowoo.

MsP: Would you ever do the Angry Pirate to a female?

Slaus: LOL Not nevah! I’m not doing anything to jeopardize getting a repeat performance of a great blow job. If the Lord invented anything better than the Blow Job, she hid that ish for herself. I LOVE HEAD! I can for go sex, if the head includes the grand finish. Head is to Slaus, and spinach is to Popeye.

MsP: You once told me about a dream your friend had where he was playing offense to R Jay in a game of basketball, naked and he kept blocking the ball with his d*ck. Have you ever had any dreams like that? Have you ever had any dreams that made you go Oh Hell Nawl?

Slaus: I once dreamed I was giving Sailor Moon anal. How's THAT for fucked up! Who does that!? I boolshyt you not. It wasn’t really Sailor Moon, but it was someone dressed up LIKE Sailor Moon. I’m into some kinky ass kinky shyt, but that was ignant..... Wanna (Slaus’ wife) and I will prolly act that shyt out though. We have no good sense.

MsP: If Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse were the last two women on earth, which one would you have sex with?

Slaus: Hmmm I ain’t into blondes, and I love pale chicks with black hair. But Britney got more meat on her bones.... damn.. that's a toss up. Either way I wouldn’t tell anyone, AND I’d have to clean my jibby in hot bleach, holy water and cleansing waters of Lake Minnetonka.

MsP: Btw, boxers or briefs?

Slaus: A Fat man aint supposed to wear briefs under ANY circumstance! If you catch my fat ass in some tighty whitey ass briefs, you can kick my ass. But then again the real question is.. why are you seeing me in my drawls in the first place girl! I'd have to say Boxer or Boxer briefs. I do have some tighties for emergencies though, aint gone lie.

MsP: Well Slaus, that's about all the time I have with you. Any final thoughts before we wrap this thing up?

Slaus: Can I clone you when it's legal? Come onnn! Be a team player. All you need to know is your clone would prolly have to wear a Cheetara costume, and you can't have me arrested for whatever happens next. Clone's ain’t got rights. Seriously, thanks for having me here today baby girl! I usually don't comply with anything beige people ask of me, but you're aiight in my book. I won't even have you sent to the work camps when I’m ruler of the USA. Oh, and all of you folks out there need to read Oh Hell Nawl every damn day! And if that's too raunchy n ignant for you: just check in every week to Oh Hell Nawl and read the strips! Oh yeah, none of you heffas better try to come out the woodwork and say I’m the father of your baby neither. That's how episodes of CSI get started.

MsP: What this? You have something against us light people? Are you just mad because I have a better chance of being related to Obama??? Humpf, hater…

Slaus: Basically. That’s why I ain’t voting for Obama. I ain’t tryna allow the resurgence of the yellow negro, to happen under MY watch. Fugg.That. And besides, his lips dark as hale. How you gonna be that light but then have black ass black lips. Looking like the Crow n shyt. “ It can’t rain ALL the time!” Lol see.. saying shyt like that, is why I wouldn’t be friends with me. But nawl I love Beige people. Love my darkies to. I like everybody.

… but Dick Cheney.


Deutlich said...

I doubt I need to even get into how much I fuckin' love readin' anything by either one of y'all.. and a collabo?

Fuck yeah.

Thaz what I'm talkin' 'bout.

12kyle said...

Hilarious. Maybe he should've cussed that chick out for stinking up the elevator. Haaa

anonymousnupe said...

What a coinky-dink, brother Creative Director! I've had a Sailor Moon dream as well, 'cept she and that villain chick from Pokemon were goin' at it in a tub of fresh banana puddin'! And I got to lick the bowl.

Look at you two stars.

And did someone say "fanger"?!

LadyShay said...

Loved the MsP! True Bloggywood Story and shit:) [E! True Hollywood Story for the slow ones].

Anonymous said...

I am so So very angry that Slaus just came here to be ignorant tombout Space bras, fucking BS and not telling anyone and washing the Jibby and calling his staff ignorant ass porchmonkeys

^^^ Or that might have just be me

Canon Adonis said...

Slaus got zero common sense!

"It's like a damn party filled with meth-addicted monkeys, but without the high and the monkey's are throwing shyt on my walls and trying to sodomise me with damn jolly ranchers!"

whole thing was funny, though

KIKI said...

First of all...P? What the hell made you interview an ignant ass ignant Slaus? LOL

Words cant begin to describe how much I enjoyed this, yet found it deeply disturbing & twisted...

But that's why I love ya'll!

*ok...and I dont know how I missed the post about the angry pirate...but THAT is some fuggin funny shyt!*

Can't Take It said...

Okay if this isn't some ISH...girl farts can be nasty, tho. I should know. Why the hell you wanna listen to Slaus tell more BS ass stories?!

Angry pirate?!? Lawd, I had to go back and read that mess. Let my dude nut in my eye...he won't have nuts!

I'm done with the Sailor Moon. Slaus and anonymousnupe...y'all just crazy. *says nada about her Batman/Joker dream*

Slausin-Ass Slaus said...

@ deutlich hotty chick - yeah, I was reallly suprised at the ignance level with this collabo.

@ 12kyle - man maybe i should have dude. she was just wrong for that. Stanking like all types of just misunderstandings.

@ nupe LOL. yeah.. the team rocket chick could get it. FANGA BANG!

@ shay - she hooked it up didnt she? Questions were on POINT

@Q - more boobies and less talkie.

@Canon - less than zero!

@kiki - Pudidn and slaus team ups are like an after skool special gone terribly wrong

Eb the Celeb said...

Cute post... great question p and Slaus never disappoints!

nonotthejacket said...

This is classic shyt right here. The two of y'all together?!? I'm surprised my comp didn't go up in flames on principle just for opening the post.

Now y'all just need to switch it up and post that one on OHN...

MsPuddin said...

ooops I forgot to warn yall not to read this at work...

MsPuddin said...

deutlich- I know, maybe this was a bad idea…

12k- I feel her pain tho…his ass shoulda taken the stairs…

nupe- I’m dying, yall really finna start some fangerin productions?

ladyshay- haha true bloggywood stories, love it

q- yeah, I knew his ass would entertain me…

canon- none! Whatsoever!

kiki- lol your nasty ass nasty is next! Woman! You re just as bad as him. Yeah that Angry Pirate sh*t is ignant…

can’t take it- yeah keep it to yourself…

slaus- hot mess, we rocked it!

eb- ;p

non- again, whoops, don’t read @ work…thanks...

Miss Mika said...

Too late @ not reading at work.
My coworkers are looking at me like I have lost my mind from laughing so hard.

MsPuddin said...

ok a lil late, but I added a disclaimer..

Verbal Vixen (T Caldwell) said...

*laughing* MsP - those are some cRazY questions you asked!

Slaus - Act out the Sailor Moon fantasy? Well why didn't you say so before? Bet! *makes arrangements for babysitter this weekend*

City Girl said...

MsLovebugII says: This interview is Pure effing comedy!

Mizrepresent said...

That was too favorite:

"Hell to the no. And I would be afraid to grope Oprah, because I’m not even sure that sista is a human. I bet when no one is looking, she peels off her flesh and then she appears as just a being of light n shyt, like cocoon. Heffa just levitate about her mansion glowing to all be damned, sounding like that skull head astronaut villain in Scooby doo: Wooowooowoowoowowowoo. "

had me laughing for 10 laughter is great! Great interview Ms Puddin!

G-Sweet said...

Can't explain how funny this shit was...

U guys should do this @ least once a month!

Made me laffout loud:

- lmfao... blowin the chicks tires up so she could leave... u a foo' fa dat 1
- the mardi gra story.... haaaaaahahahaha
- not being able to identify Aretha Franklin's fat
- Oprah appearing as a being of light
- "I'd have to clean my jibby in hot bleach"
- the word "jibby"
- obamas dark lips

maverick said...

wooof...tht was long...but a good read :D

btw blog updated :)

Don said...

Slaus, I swear to God that you are one in a million. A person cannot write this amount of humor. Hilarious interview, msP.

Good stuff.

NYCPonderings Chick said...

of all the things here I only dont understand one in hell did he have so much time to clear in his calender to sit down for in interview??

MsPuddin said...

wanna- thanks for letting me borrow your husband, he was entertaining as always…you two make a perfect couple with your ol nasty ass fantasys n shit…

city girl- glad you enjoyed it! welcome!

misrepresent- I know I was laughing too girl, in front of people who were like ‘she’s crazy’

g- hmmm I should interview more often * makes a note of that*

mav- I know, my bad, but I thought his answers were worth it ;p

don- glad you enjoyed it don…

nyc chick- lol right? I’m special ( not that kind of special) oh nevermind…

Monie said...

I'll be laughing nonstop for the next 3 years offa this shit. Thanks. LOL!

karrie b. said...

a messssssssssssss...

lmaooooo @ "Other than Ron Jeremy, who the hell is paying a fat man for dick? That's just un-American, unsavory, and foolish..."

loves it.

-karrie b.