Sunday, September 14, 2008

I went crazy, but now I'm back.

A Picture of MsP the night she went crazy.

Are you there readers? It’s me, Ms Puddin’.

I had a Britney moment over the weekend. No I didn’t shave my head or give birth, but I did do some crazy shit. Too make a long story short I got into a fight with the ex in the club on Friday night. (Yeah I know, because I’m like so totally mature, right)?

Security literally lifted me out of my barstool and out of the club. On my way out, the ex had the nerve to take a Corona and dump it all on my clothes, my hair, my face, everything! I'm already getting kicked out, was that really necessary?

Ms Puddin’ was P-I-S-S-E-D.

However, by the time I got halfway down the block, I was over the argument and getting tossed out of the club, but the fact that he added that last little beer douche was what pushed me 51/50.

So I did the next logical thing that popped into my head. I went over to his house and I had a Kelis “I Hate You So Much Right Now!” moment. I fucked his shit up. Technically I didn’t really break or vandalize anything, I just made a mess he was going to have to clean up.

So now when I meet guys and they ask me that stupid question, “Why are you single? Is it because you’re crazy or something?” I can say, “Yes, as a matter of fact, I am a crazy fucking bitch.”

Ironically I was wearing a really pretty black and glittery cross around my neck that night. So the next day I told my friend in the midst of everything that it somehow got ripped from my neck and was going to ask her if she would help me look for it.

She replied with a, “No, I think God ripped that off of your neck that night.”

I think she is right too. God was like, “Time out, I’m going to need that back, thanks.”

When I sobered up the next day I felt like shit. I hate this situation I’m in with him right now. I hate that it still even exists. I know that in the end it is going to be me who is going to have to grow some and make sure nothing like that ever happens again.

So yeah anyway, that's why I'm crazy...


Oh! I almost forgot, on a side-positive-whole-other note. I went to go see Janet Jackson bitches!

It. Was. Awesome. I feel complete.

And I was sitting next to one of the flaming of the flamingest couples ever and we took turns screaming like teenie boppers, “We love you Janet!

Best part of the whole concert. Must see!


Narm said...

Nothing wrong with a little bit of crazy in a girl. Maybe not "fuck shit up" crazy - but a little never hurt anyone.

(vixenchick) said...

Ms. Puddin'? Bar fight? NEVER!! lol.

Muze said...

wow. the classic fight at the club with your ex.

now you've done it all. lol.

and yes, i think God took his stuff back. lolol.

janet in concert is amazing.

get it together girl! lolol.

Hex said...

Don't mess with Pudding. Even I know that.

btw, how awesome is Kellis - even when she hates you?

Deutlich said...

I'm sorry, but the "crazy" was well warranted. That motherfucker had no business actin' a fool like that and dumpin' beer on you. If I'da been there, I woulda been next to get kicked the fuck out

Slaus Caldwell said...

:: rmao @ God taking his ish back ::

you know you have seriously messed up when the Lord is like.. "I dont wanna have shit to do with you right now."

You are on some all new shyt when you make God say: " This is some ol Booolshyt"


and can you change my link to: ? thaaanks.

oh.. at least you looked pretty cute in that outfit.

:: whispers to the fellas:: I wanna know what the hell she did to get beer thrown at her ass.. cuz you know the fellas don't do ish like that just for nuffin.

::pretends like i didn't say shyt ::

Douchegirl said...

At least you looked AWESOME while going crazy. Besides, I'm with Narm. A little crazy never hurt anyone.

How awesome is Janet?!

The Black Russian said...

you looked great in the picture... sometimes the crazy comes out and you have to unleash it lol... hope his ass got tossed out u don't pour beer on someone not cool... god was tryna tell u something when he snatch the cross back lol...

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

welcome back babe and u look great

Mista Jaycee said...

Oh Ms. P
The shame!!!!!!!
I'm sooooo disapointed! It's gonna take some time for me to get over this! ******OK over it!
Now you get over too.
PS Crosses are cheap. Jesus making the sacrafice now that's what was important.

G-Sweet said...

ummmm... by made a mess what exactly do u mean?... i can make a mess when i eat at times... explain...

look @ the bright side one of 2 things can happen:

1... this is officially the end of any type of relationship, or friendship u guys had which im not really mad about

or 2... u guys continue to fool around in which that means u guys are madly in love and will live happily ever after.

annnnd the janet shit is now a fantasy of mines... thanx for nothin Puddin, i still love ya tho.

YoungBlackBeauty said...

Ok that video was a HTM! LOL. I couldn't stop giggly. Puddin you must see my recent blog post. I dedicated a section to you!

Suite B said...

We have all done that one crazy thing over an ex...well not be you crazy bitches have...LOL. Hopefully you got it out and you can move on and maybe a few years from now when you see him you can laugh about you dump a drink on his ass in the club!

Damn you for seeing Janet

c.watson said...

Nice one. I never get to see good fights in the bars, maybe I'm going to the wrong place? Any ways a little crazy is good, and since you didn't actually hurt anything thats not so bad. And it made for a great story which in the end is all that matters.

Ms. Jones said...

That Janet video is priceless and I'm going to need you to not get into anymore bar altercations, thanks lol

Stew said...

well damn, dude just added insult to injury didnt he??? sounds like you pissed him off pretty good. i dont think you messing up his stuff balances out, but at least you did something

janet is a damn fool. if that was me, i would have to fuck something that night. could be janet, or just some random person, but i would have to get some ass. might just settle for a cat or something.

Maxie said...

Oh I am so envious. I've wanted to have one of those moments with my ex for so long...

some day... some day.

Camila said...

LOL @ teeny boppers...and you having a bar fight. Wow. I'm impressed.

And I love your brutal honesty. "As a matter of fact, I am a crazy bitch."


So@24 said...


I am not going to get on your bad side. Ever.

Even in the blogging world.

Don said...

Man, that's messed up what your ex did and even more messed up considering you were being escorted out the club.

Hope you feel better.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Oh, my goodness. Janet, I mean Ms. Jackson (cause I'm nasty) has really grown into her freaky side, huh? Mommaa and Joe most be so proud. LOL. Janet Jackson is the only person I have ever gone to see in concert, of course that was back in the day when she use to cover everything up. Now, I guess she is sharing her bedroom secrets on stage.

Now, own to your crazy ass. Cut it out, woman. And why the hell did you get kicked out of the club and not him? You most have really went bitch cakes. LOL

MsPuddin said...

Narm- we all go a little crazy sometimes…right? Back me up here.

Vixenchick- right? Who moi? Lol

Muze- yeah I need to regroup, the concert was AMAZING. You know your love for kanye, that was me with Janet lol

Hex- yeah. Kelis was my inspiration that night.

Deutlich- damn if I ever go out I want you on my team. You ain’t playin haha.

Slaus- sorry its taking me so long to link you. im ½ lazy ½ busy. I will do it though! But I am extra mad at your link title for real? Lol And whoa! Whose side are you on?

Douchegirl- yeah I looked good until the beer incident. Lol then it was all bad.

The black Russian- hi there! Thank you! yeah my friend asked me if I needed to start going to church with her on Sundays lol

Torrance- thanks!!!

Mista j- it was pretty though, but I found another one for cheap so yay!

g- um im gonna go with option 1. time to move on lol we both crossed a mature/crazy line that night

youngblackb- HTM???? Thanks for the shout out and dedication mamas!

suite b- I know Janet was so worth the money. I glad I found someone to go with!

c.Watson- yeah. But no more bar fight stories. Unless I do something cool, like through a grown man into a jukebox.

Ms j- my bad, my bad lol

Stew- wait so you think I could have gotten away with more? Hmmm…lol @ your janet comment, yeah I know that kid was messed up for life…

Maxie- its not worth it! too much drama for me. I think ill pass on another jerry/maury/dr phil episode lol

Camila- you must be easily entertained lol no I’m just kidding, don’t let my stories fool you, I’m actually pretty normal…kind of… on a good day…

so@24- good. Glad we cleared that up…

don- yeah he should got escorted too, but what is done is done. Thanks Don, I appreciate it. It felt good to write about though lol

one man- yes I mean Ms Nasty. It was ridiculous. And she was covered up except for that one part where she freaked her fan…and LOL @ “bitch cakes” (new word, thanks)

Sabina said...

To add insult to injury, Corona? Really? The nastiest of beers all over your hot outfit? Sad.

kayellejaye said...

I knew I should've gotten those Janet tix when I had the chance.

So jealous...

At least I got to see Michael in his prime.

Cunning_Linguist said...

total waste of beer and wet t-shirt opportunity all in one moment.

That Saddity Chic said...

Ummm how did you get into his house to make a mess? Girl, did you break his windows?

Pronto said...

That is some crazy shit,

but you're still looking mighty fine,

just sayin'