Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chivalry Died, The Penis Killed It

Ok boys, I’m going to give each and every one of you a chance to defend yourself, but not before I pop you all upside the back of the head.

Honestly, I am disappointed in the men of my generation at the moment. I’m not just speaking from my own experience this time, because three, not one, not two, but three of my girls hit me up over this last week with some, “oh hell naw!” stories about the men in their lives. From infidelity to lying to saying some stupid shit like, “you’ll have to leave the bar right now you’re fucking up my game.”


I’m sorry, the only girls I will condone that kind of behavior towards is maybe the ones who walk around with T-shirts that read, “save a virgin, do me instead,” or “cock-a-doodle-do-me.” And I blame them too, but other than that, unacceptable.

Focus boys, focus. If you can’t grasp the concept that girls in porn get paid good money to two-girls-one-cup-it, we got a problem. Please understand reality TV is far from reality and networks purposely cast those girls to walk around on camera in their booty shorts with their titties hanging out.

They get paid to get drunk and make out with half the cast and staff. In fact it's more than likely in their contracts right next to, "blow the director." Besides most of them probably also have the I.Q. of a grape. And since when is that sexy?

What is the deal yo?

Guys listen up—pull out a fucking chair, buy some freakin’ flowers and “you’re ass looks phat in those jeans” does not constitute as a compliment. Also, don’t tell a girl you want to be with her if you can’t back it up by your actions.

For the most part I’m just really disgusted. I know some of the guys that read my blog are married, faithful and all around good guys. Well can you leave some pointers to the rest of the dumbasses out there?

Right now I am opening up my comments for a session on the etiquette of how to treat a lady or at least how to weed the ladies out from the floozies. And for those of you fellas who feel the need to defend yourselves, please, be my guests, because I just don’t get it.


Jocular Schlemiel said...

Oh no he didn't!

12kyle said...

*steppin up to the teacher's desk*

As a man, I can't defend these type of actions by my bruthaz. Personally, I'd never say an bullshit like "you look so fine that I'll drink your bath water. That's maaad corny to me.

However, I will say that there are some women who buy into this rhetoric. While it doesn't work on a woman like you nor female who reads this blog. There are some females who are attracted to these type of men.

At the end of the day...should guys step their game up??? Hell yeah!

good post

Cunning_Linguist said...

Well, I don't know if this is advice for a man to excercise in a relationship or just general all around good advice for everybody in all situations. Practice the art of the conversation, people. Or rather, the art of communication in general. Learn body language and the fact that most of a "tell" on a person is involved with looking and listening. Once you have this down, you can communicate properly.

Any woman reading ( and the one writing ) this blog, would find you infinately more interesting and therefore attractive if we just paid attention and listened. Not just hearing, LISTENING.

The same holds true for the rest of the world as well. Some of the best captains of industry and heads of sale do hardly any talking. They are relaxed and attentive to hearing and watching a person or group of people.

Learn it. Practice it. End of story.

Narm said...

In guys' defense - we have have all played the 'nice guy' and been shit on before. We've all seen the girl hook up with the biggest asshole we know and we can't count the number of times we've heard a girl say, "he's too nice - I like bad boys." At some point we give up and play the part.

It takes us a long, long time to realize there is more to life than trying to dry hump the best looking girl in the bar - but most of us figure it out sooner or later.

Hex said...

The thing that is bothersome to me is that when you have a guy who has some level success dating or hooking up in places like bars or whatever, it's not just the women he's hitting on that get treated badly, but the female friends that the guy knows -- who in a lot of cases find themselves treated 100 times worse than any prospective conquest.

It's sort of a catch-22, but my guy rule #1 is that male or female -- your friends come first, and always get respect.

Dudes who think friends (especially women friends) can be treated like crap just because they're commodities or whatever make the rest of us look bad, and that ish needs to stop.

Mista Jaycee said...

Sorry Puddin,
But here's a truth! Listen up guys and gals...
Gals: That nice dude that treats a girl good, that good man was trained in a series of life lessons by a host of different ladies. You must train the stupid idiots you hope to date and marry period.

Guys, You can't turn a hoe into a housewife but you can remind a Woman that she is a LADY by how you treat her, what you stand for personally and by showing her love and affection. She in turn may show you a few different sides that you haven't discovered yet.
Girls are multifaceted, complex beings they tend to do that!
Jaycee, the married trained idiot in LBC

Deutlich said...

I'd lost all hope too for a while but I SWEAR there are good men out there. They're just hard to find.

MsPuddin said...

joc! where did you find this guy? lol I bet the women that toted him around for nine months and then squeezed him out of her vagina isnt too happy right now...

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

now u see whay i call them fk boys and some women encourage such stupidness

Can Van Dam said...

OK, so how come when I do all that nice-guy shit, I get played off? Chivalry is dead because of women... I can honestly say I've gotten more play by being the man-whore than I ever did by being the nice guy... except for that time I was in a relationship... but forreal, I gotta be one of the most chivalrous dudes out there and I end up having to flip it alot of the time, because what I'm seeing is that women would rather be talked down to and shitted on... so I can't really agree with you 100%... like 68.33%...

c.watson said...

Haha good post. I have to admit I don't really care about chivalry, I can pull out my own chair and open my own door. But if you're someplace with me, be with me. Don't talk down to me, and don't oggle the big busted woman until I know you well enough to think its funny.

Stew said...

i got an answer for that, and its really simple.....

guys are stupid.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I blame the MTV. It all started going downhill after that crap hit cable.

Slaus of O Hell Nawl said...

OK let me explaaaaaaain a few things here. As always Pudidn baby, ima be honest with ya and all of the other women here on how the world works.

1). males will do excatly what you allow them to do. If you let a fool talk down to you and play your scurvy, and then you let him get away with it? He is going to do it again.

2). Nice guys finish last, flat out. Who are you going to stalk and call back? the dude who knitted you pillow and sent you flowers, or the guy who Konged your back out till the point you didn't know where the hell you were.. and you were actually in your own house! The guys that finish on top are the ones that have balance.. they do enough sweet shyt to make you forget about the atrocities. They make you feel like a queen on the streets and a slut in the bed.

3). every female is not a woman. If you act like a hoe.. you get treated like it. Just like every male is not a man. Hoe's can expect to be treated like women. You're a ho. Play your part and keep it moving. You wanna b treated like you are worth something? prove it. Because to the male mind, all women are something to grope and donate dna to until they have shown they are to be respected and placed on pedestals. : shrugs : that's how it is.

and yeah there are alot of guys in here who will say they arent like that. whatever. "The wasp that doesnt sting defines not the way of the wasp."

How can young women of these days really expect to be respected by these young men. For the most part, alot of young women haven't given guys a reason to.

it used to be that you had to WORK for a womans affections, time and coital fun.

Hell you can get a blowjob before a date with most young women these days.

If YOU don't have respect for you, why should the fellas. : shrugs :

cuz it's the right thing to do? Sorry, life doesnt work like that.

Life is NOT about right or wrong. it's about what you can get away with... especially for males.

hope that helps!!

Slaus of O Hell Nawl said...

dang that was a long ass post.

lol sorrrrrrry.

Miss Mika said...


But I have to say, and I've heard this very often from the "nice guys", we ladies don't make it easy for them. There are a lot of women who desire a thug or a "bad boy" because they feel that is the only type of man that will "protect" them. So while there are a lot of lying, cheating dogs out there, some of the ladies don't make it easy on the nice guy.

I would take a nice guy any day!

Anonymous said...

I have been faithfully married to my wife for almost 20 years. Something must be working. I try to treat her as I want to be treated. Simple concept - seems to work.

Bottom line - when women will no longer put up with this type of attitude / crap from guys, then guys will have to change or get real friendly with their right hand.

Guys are real simple - as long as they can treat women like trash and still have no trouble finding a woman that buys their line - why change? Guys will only do what they can get away with.

anonymousnupe said...

Why even bother? There's no hope for your generation. It's sad. Like my boy Slaus so eloquently opines, in so many words: Basically, if you give it up and you ain't married to dude then you've been snared in the trap. You're turned out and he's gotten what he came for. Plain and simple. There's only one real remedy, but most of y'all ain't willin' to pay that price. So the cycle continues. Sorry.

MyLoveMyLife said...

lmaooooo @ this post. mmmm...girl i have been there and done that with the jurk men. lol. girl will literally look at u expecting u to get out and pump the gas, or shovle the snow. "BITCH PLEASE"

MsPuddin said...

thanks for all the advice guys. I agree with the whole "nice guy" ordeal and I'll tell ya, I'm ready for my nice guy...

Don said...

Slaus speaks the truth.