Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Hit That

*disclaimer* - I have only done illegal and dirty things to Reggie Bush in my mind. Unfortunately, I have never physically had any real sexual encounters with him.

I wish that women could brag about their sexual encounters, without sounding like dirty whores who feel they have to run home to wash the stench of badussy out of their vagina's.

One of the guys I used to date back in college just recently got drafted into the NFL. I’m talking a multi-million dollar contract. He also just got married. I’m really happy for him and glad it wasn’t me he married. Honestly.

Although, whenever his name comes up, people always ask me if I knew him. Basically because we went to school together.

“Yeah I remember him,” is pretty much all the information I am willing to expose. I’ve learned to keep my sex life private.

Truth is, I hit that. Yes I said it. Actually, if I said it more like a man instead of a lady I’d say, “I made that man my little bitch. Had him screaming my name and everything.”

Ok I don’t know about that last part, but him and I used to GET IT ON.

Back in the day I was a football player magnet. I don’t know why either, because I kind of have a prejudice against them. When I think football player, I think Paco from Blazing Saddles meets Varsity Blues. Not all players, but most of them seem to use their football scholarships as a free ride from school and a tool to pick up women.

At first it was flattering and when I was younger I would take a hot body over brains any day. However, it got old quick and soon I started to feel like a groupie. I mean, pimpin' ain't easy for a lady. And since I’m not the girl he married and is sharing his contract with, people will just assume as much.

Anyway, for the record I am not a groupie and I still hit that. Jealous???



i.can't.complain. said...

oh ms. puddin'

how i love your puddin'-ness.

lets have some good ole fashioned locker room talk..

"aye, dawg... u hit dat

how was it

ha. ha.

*cyber high-5's you*

that's what's up

u da woman, P..."

k, done.

it would be nice if we could talk openly like that for real

w/out being seen as a stank whore


Mister Underhill said...

Candygram for mongo.

I completely loved that movie and especially everything to do with mongo and the sheriff.

I hate how society is always coming down on women who like sex. HOW COUNTERPRODUCTIVE IS THAT? It should be a crime.

Cunning_Linguist said...

Don't have shame in your game.... ya hit it, now be proud of it. Period.

Blazing Did you pull a total Madeline Kahn after he left and go "Wow, vaht a guy"?

12kyle said...

who was the nfl dude? i'm nosey!! lmao

Narm said...

One time I hooked up with a girl that worked at Hardees and then she started giving me free french fries. So I know what you mean exactly.

PS - AMAZING Billy Madison quote

Mista Jaycee said...

You should be A SHAMED of yourself Yung ladie! LOL Shamed taking advantage of that willingly naive, poor yung multi million dollar athlete! LOL
Feel better?

kayellejaye said...

I dated this guy...semi-famous...about to have his own tv show...gave me my 1st "O"...and I didn't even have to hit that.

I wanna tell everyone but I won't. So I feel ya.

c.watson said...

Meh why can't you talk about it? At least its interesting, most of the time when a guy says he hit that, I could really give a shit. But if they're even pseudo famous well then, maybe I care a little more.

YoungBlackBeauty said...

I really hate that society is so judgemental toward women ad their sexuality. Im with you on this one.

"Yeah, I hit and I'd hit it again if need be. And I'll hit you too if you like. *wink*


Hex said...

My former sister-in-law was pursued heavily by then FSU and now Oakland Raiders placekicker Sebastian Janikowski.

At one point, he asked why she wouldn't date him for real, and she told him he was too dumb.

Suite B said...

Well since I'm getting married I really won't be putting my business out there but if I could it would go something like this

Yeah I hit that, oh you know him

he's been on Monday Night Football

Went to a Super Bowl...but no ring

Oh yeah and he screamed my name

He was a little lame but he not many people can be born in a small town in GA and not be

OK...that's enough info (not that's true by any means)

Sabina said...

There are many things I'll say online which I wouldn't in person, but "I hit that" isn't one of them-- maybe I'm being naive, but I think women can say it without being judged. Is there really still a stigma against women talking about sex publicly? I've decided to assume that's far in the past.

Judy D. said...

i hate that mess too... double standards are wack!

its like we spoil the men in society, and raise the woman with sense...

not everyone, but so it seems

Stew said...

depends on who the guy is. if he goes to the league then sucks, then i dont think anyone will be jealous. but if he turns out to be a star, then maybe.....

for the record i am not talking about me....i cant get jealous of you having sex with guys....that would make me seem gay

yes said...

hell yeah i'm jealous, how come my conquests can't make it big? lol

forget double standards, tell it all!!

Qucifer said...

Bwwahahahah I say get it heffa!!!!, I've personally think society can kiss my black ass, i'm an over extra horny woman and BY GOD we gon' talk about it!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u are a wild one hon

karrie b. said...

u need ur ass beat for linking "badussy"...

that is all.


catscratch said...

I don't blame ya or look down my nose at all.

He's fucking hot.