Wednesday, August 15, 2007

101 Things About Ms P

After starting a blog this summer, I’ve noticed the trend of “101 things about me” floating around. On this very lovely hump day I have nothing to do and nothing to talk about. So I thought why not?

Here are 101 things about Ms P that you probably could have guessed, you may not know or already know. Either way it saves me time from having to fill out the “about me” section of my profile…

  1. I’m biracial; sometimes I feel I get the best of both worlds and sometimes I’m confused. Mainly I'm just confused. (And no I'm not having a Mariah Carey episode).
  2. I hate cats.
  3. I have never (knock on wood) broken a single bone in my body.
  4. I’ve never had sex with a white guy (not intentionally, the moment has just never presented itself).
  5. My first kiss tasted like pizza and cigarettes.
  6. I don't trust people who ask too many personal questions.
  7. I don’t cry in public.
  8. I really, really want a boob job, but everyone I know doesn’t think it’s a good idea and thinks I’m fine the way I am, which is why I haven’t gone through with it.
  9. I have an intense fear of spiders.
  10. I also have a fear of sharp objects going through my eye sockets.
  11. Whitney Houston’s, “I Want To Dance With Somebody” is my theme song.
  12. I love to sing, but other people don’t love it when I do.
  13. I often bust out with random dance moves.
  14. It’s been a long time since a man has put butterflies in my stomach, made me stutter or my palms sweat.
  15. I think the real reason I am single is because I choose to be.
  16. I’ve dated a married man.
  17. My ex was an asshole, but I think I liked it that way.
  18. I like it rough.
  19. I prefer boxer briefs
  20. I love it when a guy kisses me and cups my face in his hands.
  21. I watch porn. (doesn't every body)?
  22. If I ever get married, I want to elope.
  23. My parents have been married for 25 years and my grandparents 52. That means something to me.
  24. My parents are my heroes.
  25. My mom knows everything “naughty” I did in high school.
  26. I smoked weed for five years and that’s the only “drug” I’ve ever touched.
  27. I have four tattoos and eight piercings, which at one point was really cool, but now I have no idea the significance for any of them…
  28. I believe that spaghetti and tacos constitutes as being able to cook.
  29. I am NOT a morning person.
  30. I procrastinate, but I work better under pressure.
  31. In the second grade I won first place in the fourth grade spelling bee. However, today my grammar sucks and I can only spell “good” when I write in WORD.
  32. I want to be just like Karen from “Will & Grace” when I grow up.
  33. Three things I want to do before I die is take a stab at stand-up, become a Nascar driver, and travel to Brazil.
  34. I’m addicted to shoes.
  35. I hate going to the mall.
  36. I love to read.
  37. I love meeting new people.
  38. The first physical thing people tend to notice about me is my smile and my feet, not necessarily in that order…
  39. I love Washington Apple shots. After a few of those you could take me home and have your way with me…
  40. I have four brothers, me being the only girl and they are all taller then me. (The youngest is 15)!
  41. It took me my first four years of college to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. So I guess it will take another four making it happen…
  42. I hate making plans and this drives people crazy.
  43. I don’t drink soda.
  44. I love dancing like a stripper, would be a stripper, but decided against it. I will see if this whole writing thing works out first.
  45. The best advice I ever got about being a comedian was, “no one thinks you’re as funny as you do.”
  46. My favorite scene from “The Chapelle Show” was when Rick James slapped Charlie Murphy in the face. Who b*tch slaps Charlie Murphy? And how did Rick James forget doing it in like 2.0 seconds? Cocaine must be "a hell of a drug."
  47. Not to be a stereotype or anything, but my favorite food is chicken, back off.
  48. I always say the wrong thing at the right time and then go home and think of the right thing to say, but by then it’s the wrong time. Damn it. (I’m a queen for putting my foot in my mouth).
  49. I hope to someday publish a novel; at this point it could be about anything…
  50. I’ve been in two music videos, but my minor in school is women’s studies (I told you I’m confused).
  51. I studied Spanish for eight years, can understand everything, but can barely speak it.
  52. I’ve been in two fights my whole life. The first one I was blind angry and got my ass whooped, the second I got jumped by five girls. I came back strong with my girls and we whooped that ass. However, I believe that violence is NOT the answer and I blame both those moments on youth and stupidity.
  53. I love cold cheese pizza.
  54. I never actually sit on the toilet seat in public restrooms.
  55. I hate video games. They make people stooopid.
  56. I’ve had seven roommates in the last five years.
  57. I am easily influenced by my friends, but not by others.
  58. I'm a compulsive movie buff.
  59. I know all the words to the movie, “40 Year Old Virgin.”
  60. I can be very secretive.
  61. I’ve had a friend who committed suicide, a different friend who attempted and I’ve been clinically depressed myself.
  62. Right now, at this very moment, I am a very happy person and grateful for everything. No negative thoughts, I promise.
  63. I love swimming, but I hate getting my hair wet.
  64. The most money I’ve ever seen in my bank account was after my high school graduation and I think I spent it within 3 months.
  65. I put cheese on and in everything.
  66. I love to ride bikes, roller skate and embrace my inner child (NERD).
  67. When I was little I took piano and saxophone lessons, but I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the drums or guitar.
  68. I only wear make-up and stilettos at night. Hmmmm…
  69. I drool in my sleep. Sexy? I know.
  70. I am not a gold digger. I did have a sugar daddy once by accident, but he stopped calling. It’s cool, I feel better when I earn things rather than when they are just handed to me.
  71. I find it amazing how many people from high school I really can’t stand at all and some of whom I have remained so close with.
  72. People think I look really young, but I’m always told that I’m “mature” for my age. (so does that make me exactly my age)?
  73. I’ve had nicknames such as: vanilla thrilla, light bright, yayo, yayizzle, and my favorite, Fresh Banana Puddin’.
  74. I think that a lot of music out there today is crap.
  75. At my first meeting with a counselor in college, (when she asked me what I was interested in doing) I told her that I wanted to be the next Diddy. (A girl can dream can’t she?)
  76. I don’t date football players.
  77. I don’t drink Jose Cuervo Gold. (When I was 16, I took six shots to the head. Threw up three times and don’t remember anything else).
  78. However, I won’t pass up a Casadores margarita. On the rocks. No salt.
  79. I can also make a mean margarita.
  80. I think long hair on a man is sexy.
  81. I would rather be with someone who could make me laugh above anything else.
  82. Funny + guy = me so horny.
  83. I believe that if you can't laugh at yourself, the guy or girl next you will do it for you.
  84. I will always tell someone if their zipper is down, they have food in their teeth or their shirt is ugly. (I don’t know if this is a good trait or bad).
  85. Yes, I've been to drama camp.
  86. I’m a picture whore.
  87. When I’m mad I get really quiet.
  88. Having children terrifies me. The pregnancy, how they might turn out or what they will look like, everything.
  89. I don’t sweat the small stuff.
  90. If I had enough time, I would walk everywhere I went.
  91. I’m a slow eater, but I eat a lot.
  92. I believe everything happens for a reason.
  93. I hate onions.
  94. I walk around the house naked.
  95. I don’t own pajamas.
  96. I hate my hair, but I love my style.
  97. The weirdest place I’ve had sex was on the hood of my car. Tacky?
  98. I peel the skin off of my lip when I’m mad or if I’m deep in thought.
  99. Those who know me well, usually tell me to stop.
  100. I’m always the last to know.
  101. I find writing to be therapeutic and I thank this blog and my readers for becoming a part of my life (aw *tear* sorry didn’t mean to get so mushy).


Wylie said...

"68. I drool in my sleep."

I have literally woken myself up because my huge puddle was soaking my entire face.

That's hot, right? Right ladies?...

-crickets chirping-


G-Sweet said...

60. I can be very secretive.

hahahaha!... luv ya FBP!

The Cajun Boy said...

no white boys? seriously...i thought that you would be all about white meat! oh well, there's a first time for everything!

and hood sex is awesome!!!

natural muze said...

this was brilliant. i've got to do this.

50. cracked me up. i've been offered to be in two videos and have a spread in king magazine...but i turned them down...cause my best friend's major was women's studies and she threatened to beat me up. lol.

80. long locs + man= muze sooo infatuated! lol.

great post. you seem very interesting! lol.

MsPuddin said...

Wylie- yeah I swear the white stains on my pillow case aren’t cum stains…

G- are you just mad because I’m not telling you something you wanted to know?

CB- I know next time you re in Cali we need to hook up, I’m very curious as to what I’m missing

NM- I am interesting! Glad you enjoyed it ;) For the record I was fully dressed in both videos and I didn’t do too much booty shakin’…

Bay Area Beefcake said...

I'm on the west coast and could help you out with #4.

Bella said...

Actually, I enjoyed reading those. I could also list a few of those same ones on my own list!



country roads said...

very interesting :-D

onthevirg said...

OK, you're officially moving up on the blog crush list. And I know how happy that's has to make you.


MsPuddin said...

Beefcake- Really tempting and thanks for the offer, but I’m not going to force it. I feel this moment will happen naturally.

Bella- I think everyone should do it!

Countryr- I get that a lot. People can’t seem to figure out what is wrong w me…

OntheVirg- SCORE! I love my stalkers!

G-Sweet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
G-Sweet said...

No not @ all... I'm not mad... I jus thought that was kinda funny considering recent events.

(Not speakin of myself)

Smitty said...

"79.I can also make a mean margarita."

Wassup with getting some of those?...I didn't know you were an bootleg bartender.

Drea said...

52. LMAO I remember that, you guys are thugs.. LOL!! Wait what about your luv for guys in big trucks? The F-150 or that Chevy Silverado!!LOL!

MsPuddin said...

G- oh! LOL yeah no I meant secretive about myself…

smitty- you didn’t know? Yeah I got you just tell me when and where!

drea- I can’t take P and Ebo nowhere! I don’t know, forgot about that lol