Friday, August 10, 2007

An Ode To My Roommate

Roommate I love how when we run out of toilet paper or bags for the vacuum cleaner you are on top of things.

Roommate I love how your music, TV or having sex with your boyfriend is never too loud.

Roommate I love how you leave me alone when I want to be by myself, but there you are when I need a shoulder.

Roommate I love how my closet is your closet and your closet is my closet; just as much as I love that my food is your food and your food is my food (yay sharing is caring)

Roommate I love how I have never once had the urge to punch you in the face, set your bed sheets on fire or clean the toilet with your toothbrush. (Not that I would do any of those things)…

Roommate I love when our neighbors give us sh*t you are the first one to yell back and when our landlord calls you do all the talking.

This is an “Ode To My Roommate” who I love for not being a bitch and
paying her bills on time.


anonymousnupe said...

She sounds like a keeper. Keeper?! I just met her! Next you'll be telling us she does windows.


Never forget this bliss and do something stupid like get married and leave her!Like I did to the perfect roomie.