Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My Secret Lover: Gay Pride Travels to NYC

You know it's funny...

I just took my first trip ever to NYC, from the Bay Area, California (officially the last family vacation I will ever suffer through again) and some how managed to stumble in on a gay pride parade...go figure. Here is me talking to the 'Top Flight Security Guard' at the festival...

MsP- "Wow! Do you guys do this every Sunday?"

'Top Flight Security Guard'- "Nope. This only happens once a year."

I have to admit I have a crush on NYC...but don't tell anyone ... *see I'm blushing*... I am a Cali girl, forever in my heart.

Although, there was something about NYC that I just can't explain. Maybe it was the busy streets, (almost getting run over by a taxi cab), all the glamorous shopping, (getting a coach bag and sunglasses off the street for more than 1/2 off), or the food (is NYC known for the food?) that has got me all flustered inside.

Traveling with the fam can really drag a**, but I wouldn't trade my NYC experience for anything. I would go back in a heartbeat.


natural muze said...

yes, i have a big crush on nyc, and i'm not afraid to admit it. lol. i'm gonna move there one of these days. the only problem is, i am actually in LOVE with cali(and now very jealous of you). love or lust, that is the decision i have to make. lol.

The Ego said...

I have been to NY but not Cali ,where I have always wanted to be.Nice name Ms.Puddin


I’ve been to both NYC and California and I would choose NYC over Cali any day! I'm in the process of moving to NYC. That’s how much I heart it. There’s just no place like it.