Friday, July 20, 2007

Title not necessary , see photo below...

"Never underestimate the power of cleavage."

I have a confession. I love boobs.

No, it’s not in an I-like-to-eat-box kind of way. Yeah sure I’ll admit to checking other women out, but it’s more of comparing the goods. It’s a wanting-what-I-can’t-have sort of way. Something I believe that everyone suffers from a little bit periodically. Whether it’s boobs, hair, having a flashy car, to a lucrative career. There are some things people work hard to achieve that bring about change and some things are inevitable. They just aren’t going to change, like ex- boyfriends and mothers.

Boobs can be changed (silicone) and I have fought with many a people in my life, as to whether or not I should change mine. Family and friends offer alternative suggestions of discouragement to prevent me from going under the knife, like a Victoria Secrets hard-core push-up bra, chicken cutlets or learning to love the boobs that I already have.

I’ve heard that as long as my boobs don’t point towards the ground or are close to the ground, all I really need is a handful. Which is a valid point, because my breasts do rest atop my chest and not my belly button.

Although, if I were to go under the knife, I wouldn’t want some big ol’ watermelon Pamela Anderson jugs anyway.

I know I shouldn’t become plastic like the majority of the general population, but I’ve wanted great big boobs since I saw Shannon Elizabeth feel herself up in the classic, ‘American Pie’. Since posing in Maxim became so popular and since I bought that halter top that doesn’t quite fit right.

Let me put it this way, the only reason I would ever consider bearing children someday would be the possibility of growing some boobs.

Judging by what mainstream media feeds us, I figure I am not the only one with this sadistic attraction to the clumps of fat that can cause accidents. Celebrity nipple expo is so popular and a significant reason why cleavage is such a powerful thing. I mean great boobs can bring a girl good fortunes including free admission, free drinks and getting laid.

And I have met an exceedingly amount of guys who know how to hold great conversations with my nipples.

There was an article on, “Does Size Really Matter,” not too long ago, which had opinions about boobs from a male perspective (not that it matters much). I would like to make it clear that my boobs would be for me and me only, but I thought the article was interesting. See for a man, yes size does matter, so the article compares that answer to that of a woman’s breasts. It stirred up quite a bit of controversy, which I love, so I thought I’d share.

I know I'm great, I share.



I think we all want the opposite of what we have.I have always had big breasts and wanted small ones until I was very skinny and had them. Now I would like em back! I think the shape and the size ( esp of the nipple) is more important to men. Personally, I think smaller breasts are nicer and you can wear anything!

So@24 said...

I think the age of the breast loving man is fading.

From my discussion with my guy friends, everyone is about "a nice ass" these days

The Cajun Boy said...

boobs are so overrated darling.

Anonymous said...

I love boobs too! Mine and yours! But mine are HUGE and they are not all they are cracked up to be. Yes, they do make life easier in ways, but as well as difficult. I love you, all of you and your cutlets too!

Jason said...

I'm a big fan of boobs, but it's not the size of's how the girl carries them as part of the whole package.

honkeie2 said...

BooBs and Ass. I am an all package kind of a guy. I will make gag-gag faces for a nice rack but if she is an 'assless wonder' her rating drops. But yes clevage can make most men hold doors, buy drinks, hit the gas the moment the light turns green and even knock over little old ladies to help a set of dirty pillow with there on bag of laundry at the laundry-mat.
Yet keep in mind when women purposely show those fun bags that is all men see.....a headless set of walking boonkers.

onthevirg said...

I think I'd have to agree that breasts need to match the body. Having something upstairs is certainly better than all the models they throw out there that have the bodies of 12 year old boys. There's nothing more ridiculous then some stick of a woman w/ gigantic tits. Does it mean I still wouldn't motor-boat em? No. I guess what I'm trying to say is...boobs = good.


Now I have a confession...

I love women that love boobs. :)

MsPuddin said...

UB- yeah I think that’s what happened, I lost a lot of wt and now my cup size is nonexistent!

24- I have heard that butt implants have passed the popularity of breast implants…hmmm

CB- what does it for you CB? John Mayer?

Lucky- how are the twins?

Jason- very, very true

H2- walking boonkers? That’s a new one…

OnV- yeah it’s rare to find a model with the whole package, but us REAL women have it going on…

Dtk- we love you too!!