Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Some things are better left to the imagination…

I learned a few things about my mother recently that I would have been better off not knowing:

1. I found out that my mother blogs too.

2. Besides Harry Potter 7, she has been reading Zane. The top selling African American erotica author. (I don’t know if that is cool or gross).

3. She knows that I blog, but I won’t give her the link. (She asked me the other day if I talk about her on my blog and if that was why I didn’t want her to read it.)

Note: Mommy dearest if you ever find this blog please know that I talk about you because I love you! xoxo



So@24 said...

How did you find out your mom is reading Zane?? I wonder if I can wikipedia that

G-Sweet said...

Ooooohhhh u in trouble!... I'm gonna give her ur link...lmao

J/k... Zane... I'd be sick if I found out my mom read that... ughhhhh!

MsPuddin said...

so24- she told me

G- I know right...I was like MOOOOOOM! ewww

Hex said...

Zane is like a Virus. It reminds me of the time I found my mother reading Jackie Collins and she said "I don't know why I picked this up, it's awful."

Then a while later when I saw her reading a different Collins' novel, she had this look in her eye like she'd been caught robbing a cookie jar -- made worse when she blurted out "Don't judge me -- I can't stop!"