Thursday, July 5, 2007

There Really is A Sex GOD!!!

I know, I know, my work is coming out in spurts today. I think it's the heat. I can't concentrate. My face is melting into a sweaty blob that is traveling into my cleavage...

I just wanted to share one more thing before I call it a day.

Apparently, Sarah Jessica Parker and whats-her-face (Kim Cattrall) have squashed their beef, after an hour and 45 mins. of mud wrestling. It was a close call. I'm not sure who won. S.J.P.'s weave was blocking my view, but The Sex and the City movie is a go!!

Next to the Spice Girl reunion tour, that had to be the best news I've heard all day...

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I know this might sound gay, but I don't care because I'm probably the only straight guy on the planet excited about the Sex & The City movie finally coming!

It probably would have been better if they did it a few years ago, but hopefully they will make it worth the wait.