Thursday, July 12, 2007

And now a msg from slow boy...

I got an IM from slow boy at work today. A pointless conversation to say the least...

slow boy: Hi
MsP: hay
slow boy: Ok Miss hay, how are you?
MsP: what? im good how are you?
slow boy: Im good
MsP: i thought you were dead
slow boy: I just wanted to see how you were and that I was thinking about you. What does that mean? Why?
MsP: thinking about me?
slow boy: Why would you say you thought I was dead?
MsP: i havent heard from you, but i guess i could have called
MsP: my bad
slow boy: The door swings both ways doesn't it?
MsP: I guess
slow boy:I like to get high my bad am I a bad person because of it
slow boy: ? Wow silence I guess I am...
MsP: it s just that i told you i dont like it and everytime we hang out you were either high or getting high
slow boy: I get what your saying but do you have a problem with it?

he really is slow...


So@24 said...

I'm such a huge fan of The Adventures of Slow Boy! This conversation was hysterical. Perhaps Janice and Slow Boy should meet?

Jason said...

and they say pot messes up your cognitive abilities. and I say bullshit to that, obviously.

G-Sweet said...

hahaha... that was pointless!