Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Attacked again...

...this time by a Meme, from the lovely, bella...

Four things I like to cook
1. I
2. don't
3. cook
4. but turkey tacos are my specialty

Four qualities I love in people
1. a sense of humor
2. the ability to keep it real
3. passionate about something
4. people who have a good sense of who they are and where they come from

Four places I have been
1. NYC
2. Hawaii
3. Las Vegas
4. Houston

Four things in my bedroom
1. stereo
2. pictures
3. clothes
4. a mess

Four dirty words I like
1. wouldn’’t
2. you
3. like
4. to know

Four people I’m taggin', prune juice, miss kitty, miss pocachontaz and steph

PS- CHECK ME OUT! (Don this is for you)...


Bella said...

Hey! That was cool..."I checked you out"!

Such beauty and talent!

:) Bella

Ms. Behaving said... and a hot @ss stove ain't no kinda friends so I feel you on the cooking thang.

[Give me a microwave and bout 5 minutes tho' and I could mix you up a Hot Ass Miracle. [LOL]




@msbehaving: hot ass miracle..LMAO

MsPuddin said...

bella- thanks!

ms. b- me too, I can microwave the sh*t out of something..crackin up @ your HAM!

still_p- LOL I'm trying, I'm trying...

Chris "Bag Boy" said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris "Bag Boy" said...

Liked the four cooking and dirty words. Interesting new way to fill out lists. As far as cooking goes, usually it is grilled cheese with the clothes iron. Sorry about the delete before. I don't like misspelled words.

Muze said...

oh you betta work it girl! (i checked you out too).


**muze strolls off to see how she can be a part of the queen b chronicles.**

Divalicious said...

As long as there's PB&J, there is absolutely no need for cooking anything.

Good for you!

Don said...

lmao @ I. don't. cook.

Put me down for sense of humor, keepin' it real, passion, and people who are comfortable with themselves


And, yes, we would like to

country roads said...

I don't mind cooking...see, you'd have it made ;-)

MsPuddin said...

“bag boy”- I should start doing that. I never use my iron for anything…

muze- hit her up! She is always looking for models and new writers…

divalicious- oh I live off of sandwiches what!?

Don- nice, you and me would get along just fine…

country roads- crackin up. Was that a proposal?

Don said...

I think we would as well.

And I checked out the picture - wow, you are quite the look. But it's not like I didn't already know. That picture of you is so damn seductive and gangster. I love the way you came across on it.

You are very sexy, and stout.

Kitty said...

hot damn! i checked you out - a couple of dozen tiiiiimes!!

hey i already did this meme!!!

i can't do it again without...telling porkie pies!

love you though ms thing.

Hex said...

Uncooked turkey tacos?

..That doesn't sound very appetizing.

MsPuddin said...

don- this might be my white side, but stout? I’m not eating the rest of the week…glad you liked it. Gangsta!!

kitty- it’s ok. a lot of people have been getting tagged lately…

hex- no, no, no I cook the meat to those tacos, just don’t really cook anything else…

Don said...

"stout" meaning your stance in the picture gave me the impression that you are built to last.

Or sturdy. Strong back. Fo' eal about yourself.

Don said...



thehoustongirl said...

yay come to Houston!!! :) i been here all my life so im kinda tired of it LMAO

BottleBlonde said...

That's great spank material you posted, Puddin! Yer on fire! FIRE. Hot website, too.

I don't cook either. I'm looking for a man who will be my wife and do all the cookin' for me.

Prunella Jones said...

LOL! Thanks for the tag. But, damn, you're a hard act to follow. I'll have to think about this.